In this section, you will find information about truffle tourism, compiled from the different editions of Trufforum over the years, and some examples of truffle tourism activities in our territories. Get to know the truffle’s landscapes, towns, and cities and how it is harvested by our truffle farmers and their fantastic dogs. Discover the truffle fairs, conferences, specialized restaurants, and cultural events related to the truffle. And remember that truffle is a delicate product best enjoyed in the territory where it is produced. If you wish to consult the content related to this tourist activity, this is the right place.

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The Black Truffle in the province of Valladolid:
A treasure to be discovered. Trufforum 2021

Cogeces del Monte, a unique cultural and gastronomic offer.
Date: 11/03/2022 | Duration: 8:29

Trufforum Occitanie 2022 Labenque

Video of the truffle in the town of Labenque in the Occitania region (France)
Date: 11/03/2022 | Length: 3:33

Trufforum Occitanie 2022 Minervois Aude

Video of the truffle in the town of Minervois in the Occitania region (France).
Date: 22/02/2022 | Length: 3:40

Trufforum Occitanie 2022 Uzès

Video of the truffle in the town of Uzès in the Occitania region (France).
Date: 18/02/2022 | Duration: 3:42

Live truffle hunting connection

Live truffle hunting connection. Feli Sanchez, Javier Lopez and Bulla the pig. Encitruf. Soria, Castilla y León (Spain).
Date: 07/04/2022 | Duration: 7:49

International Soria Truffle Festival

International Soria Truffle Festival in Abejar (Castilla y León – Spain).
Date: 04/03/2022 | Duration: 2:06

Truffle tourism in Europe

Joaquin Latorre. European Mycological Institute. EMI.
Date: 11/04/2022 | Duration: 19:43

Collecting Chinese Truffle /
Chinese Truffle Harvesting

Chinese truffle harvesting in Sichuan province (China).
Date: 28/12/2017 | Duration: 1:21

Seminar: Discovering Truffle Tourism in Castilla y León. Trufforum 2021

Feliz Sánchez-Espuelas, Encitruf Jaime Olaizola, Trufbox Carlos Fresneda, Tuber Viveros Jorge Jiménez, Amanita Cesárea. Moderator: Benigno Garrido, Fundación Siglo para el Turismo y las Artes, Junta de Castilla y León. Speakers: Estrella Torrecilla Crespo, Director General of Tourism of the Junta de Castilla y León.
Date: 10/03/2021 | Duration: 56:30

Between vines and oaks, a tourist and natural tour of Castilla y León. Trufforum 2021

Fernando Benito, Bodegas Briego Sara García, Ribera de Duero Wine Route Rafael García, Truffle and Truffle Grower, Sara Hernando, Arlanza Wine Route Rubén Heras, President of the Burgos Truffle Growers Association. Moderator: Benigno Garrido, Fundación Siglo para el Turismo y las Artes, Junta de Castilla y León. To talk about Castilla y León is to talk about wine. All the provinces of this Community are fortunate to be home to at least one of the 12 Denominations of Origin that make up the region.
Date: 12/03/2021 | Duration: 1:12:39

The Teruel Truffle Fair in Sarrión (FITRUF): history and future of the event. Trufforum 2021

Alberto Fontestad: Councilman of the Sarrión City Council. Joaquín Doñate: Truffle grower and member of the Fitruf organizing committee for several editions. Susana Navarro: Coordinator of Fitruf activities in all editions. Ángeles Cubells: President of the Women’s Association of Sarrión. Moderator: Isabel Doñate Baselga, ATRUTER In 2001, the I Edition of the Truffle Monographic Fair, FITRUF, was held. It is held every year in December in the town of Sarrión in Teruel.
Date: 26/03/2021 | Duration: 29:45

Report II: “Wine and Truffle, a safe bet”.

Bodegas Briego was a pioneering company that saw the opportunity to unite two unique products: wine and truffles. His foresight and passion for nature and sustainability have paid off. The roots of the vines of Ribera de Duero intertwine with the roots of the holm oaks of Fompedraza to offer us a unique tourist product. Grapes and truffles open up a new world of sensory experiences that we analyze in this report.
Date: 11/03/2021 | Duration: 7:29

Trailer of the documentary: The miracle of the truffle in Teruel: illusion, work and love for the land.

The truffle-growing activity in the province of Teruel over the last 30 years has positioned this territory of “empty Spain” as the main producer of black truffle (Tuber melanosporum) in the world. From Trufforum we want to collect the testimonies of those people who with hard work and tenacity decided to invest and stay in the territory and contributed to create this internationally recognized model of success.
Date: 28/03/2021 | Duration: 2:19

16th International Truffle Fair of Soria 2018

16th Soria International Truffle Festival Abejar (Soria – Castilla y León) – SPAIN
Date: 19/02/2018 | Length: 1:13

Trufforum Lab. Creativity and innovation session. Toni Massanés Alicia Foundation. Trufforum 2021

Toni Massanés (General Director of the Alicia Foundation) Presented by: Carmen Saez (creacción) Sponsored by: CaixaBank It will be broadcast from the Alicia Foundation. Món Sant Benet Toni Massanés: Graduate in cooking in Barcelona and Toulouse, he has dedicated himself to teaching, research and journalism. He is a researcher at the Food Observatory of the University of Barcelona (Odela). He has traveled hand in hand with local cooks -professionals and amateurs- to learn about traditions.
Date: 25/02/2021 | Duration: 52:36

Castilla y León: Europe – China cooperation technical visit on mycotourism and Truffle

Español | English Technical visit of Cooperation Europe – China in the field of mycotourism and truffle. Soria (Castilla y León). Spain. 25 January 2018 Europe – China cooperation technical Dr. Fernando Martínez Peña (Cita Aragón – Emi) visit on mycotourism & Truffle. Soria (Castilla y León). Spain. January 25th, 2018
Date: 26/01/2018 | Duration: 1:29

Virtual experience for the five senses: touch, smell and taste the black truffle of Teruel.

The Association of Truffle Growers and Collectors of the Province of Teruel in collaboration with the Teruel Tourist Entrepreneurs Association, present a virtual activity aimed at all those people who love gastronomy, willing to live a sensory experience with the Black Truffle as the protagonist.
Date: 28/03/2021 | Duration: 1:39:51

Nandu Jubany: Truffle Ambassador 2021, Vic, Trufforum2021

Nandu Jubany Chef of the restaurant Can Jubany (Calldetenes) Sponsored by: Laumont The award was presented by the Ilma. Mrs. Dña. Anna Erra Solà, Mayoress of Vic, Sr. Mr. Josep Puigdollers i Masallera, President of the Lonja de Vic, and Sr. D. Enric Pladevall, Sculptor. Nandu Jubany is one of the great exponents of Catalan gastronomy and one of the best specialists in truffle cuisine. From the kitchen of Can Jubany, a Michelin-starred restaurant.
Date: 25/02/2021 | Duration: 15:43

Trufforum Vic 2022

An event created by the European Mycological Institute.
Date: 4/03/2022 | Duration: 2:34

Report: “The Soria Truffle Fair in Abejar”.

Antonio Pardo, Diputación de Soria Carolina Romero, Mayor of Abejar Mari Luz Almería, Abejar Truffle Fair Óscar García, Baluarte Restaurant Pedro Medrano, ASFOSO Antonio García, ATRUSORIA Moderator: Chema Díez, journalist (SER) The Black Truffle Fair in the Soria municipality of Abejar, with its eighteen editions, is one of the most important Black Truffle events in Spain.
Date: 13/03/2021 | Duration: 54:19

Truffle Master-China. Trufforum 2021

“TruffleMaster-China” is a cooperative project led by the European Mycological Institute and the Golden Truffle company with sites in China and Australia. The objectives of this project are to increase awareness of the European black winter truffle in China, promote its use and encourage the Chinese market to engage in truffle tourism in Europe. The session focuses on the contents and development of the “TruffleMaster-China” project and addresses the essential variables for a satisfied Chinese tourist to visit a truffle destination.
Date: 10/04/2021 | Duration: 13:03

Ready-to-wear: “The black diamond of the forest” Trufforum 2021

For the Romans the truffle was a gift from the gods…they appear underground like great treasures, they represent the power, the energy, the magic of nature…it is undoubtedly “the black diamond of the forest”. Speakers: Pilar Monreal. Director of Monreal Jewelry. Yolanda Santos. Councilor of Commerce and Tourism. Soria City Council. Joaquín Latorre. Secretary General of the European Mycological Institute.

Date: 13/03/2021 | Length: 30:09

Aragón: Europe – China cooperation technical visit on mycotourism and truffle

Technical visit of cooperation between Europe and China in the field of mycotourism and truffles. Aragon. Spain. 26-27 January 2018

Date: 27/01/2018 | Duration: 1:18

Europe- China Mycological cooperation

Europe – China international cooperation on sustainable mycotourism and truffle farming.

Date: 23/12/2017 | Duration: 1:27

Catalunya: Europe – China cooperation technical visit on mycotourism and truffle

Technical visit of cooperation between Europe and China in the field of mycotourism and truffles. Catalonia. Spain.

Date: 28/01/2018 | Duration: 0:38

17th International Soria Truffle Festival

Abejar (Spain) , 16-17th February 2019 The European Mycological Institute organized the scientific program of the International Soria Truffle Festival (

Date: 19/02/2019 | Duration: 0:51

Trufforum Occitanie 2022 FR

Video of the truffle in the town of Uzès in the Occitania region (France).

Date: 17/02/2019 | Duration: 3:42

The globetrotting truffle hunter, children’s activity. Trufforum 2021

Toni Carrasco Photojournalist, gourmet and collector Cultural space Abacus Vic.

Date: 27/02/2021 | Duration: 24:58