If you are interested in learning more about the black truffle and the latest advances in the field of truffle farming, you are in the right place. We offer you a compilation of conferences, presentations and lectures that took place in previous editions of Trufforum and that can help you to broaden your knowledge on the subject. We hope you find this information useful and interesting.

Innovations and truffle research in France: from black truffle to white truffle

Franck Richard’s lecture at Trufforum Ocitanie 2022.
Date: 27/03/2021 | Duration: 48:43

Advances in the knowledge of the dynamics and determination of truffle mycelium. Trufforum 2021

Dr. Herminia de la Varga Pastor. R&D Department Fertinagro Biotech. The knowledge and study of truffle mycelium in the soil has aroused much interest in recent years. The mycelium has long been the forgotten element in the study of truffles, mainly due to the difficulty of observing, tracing and studying it in such a complicated environment as the soil.
Date: 27/3/2021 | Duration: 1:04:30

Scientific Seminar, Could Tuber aestivum displace Tuber melanosporum in young truffle plantations in a context of climate change? Trufforum 2021

Yasmin Piñuela, Centre de Ciència i Tecnologia Forestal de Catalunya (FTFC) i Universitat de Lleida (UdL)
Date: 27/2/2021 | Length: 26:36

Trufforum Occitanie 2022 Truffe blanche truffiere

The white summer truffle from the truffle field to the plate: harvesting
Date: 17/03/2022 | Length: 5:09

Trufforum Occitanie 2022 Atelier diagnostic du sol

Date: 1/4/2022 | Duration: 18:27

Trufforum Occitanie 2022 Franck Richard conference

Franck Richard’s lecture at Trufforum Ocitanie 2022.
Date: 03/03/2022 | Duration: 1:55:58

Towards a more sustainable truffle sector in a warmer and drier future. Trufforum 2021

Doctor. Ulf Büntgen, Professor of Environmental Systems Analysis Department of Geography, University of Cambridge.
Date: 14/3/2021 | Length: 38:24

Main production areas and how it is harvested

Daniel Oliach. Forest Science and Technology Center of Catalonia (Spain).
Date: 8/4/2022 | Duration: 9:21

Main production zones and harvesting methods

Sebastien Diette. Mycéa-France
Date: 11/4/2022 | Duration: 12:02

Truffle tourism in Europe

Joaquin Latorre. European Mycological Institute. EMI.
Date: 11/4/2022 | Duration: 19:43

Face-to-face tasting of fresh European truffles.

Isabel Bertolin, Cristina Cariñena and Silvia Doñate . Panel de dégustation de truffes de l’Association des Trufficulteurs de Teruel. ATRUTER, (Spain).
Date: 11/4/2022 | Duration: 25:49